Supporting Creative Businesses

Advantages of supporing creative businesses

Since coming aboard, a number of members have seen a significant improvement in fortunes; some enjoying increased revenues, others growing staff numbers as a direct result of the business support programme as well as the day-to-day cross-pollination that comes from direct interaction of a shared working environment. This is a recurring theme put forward by those who have, to date, worked from home. Working in one’s home environment can be a lonely existence, with many distractions, whereas co-working tends to focus the mind on the job in hand and improves and enhances production.

Business mentoring for creatives

To date, many Housemate’s have enjoyed the benefits of our friendly, in-house Business Mentor. A number of free, 1-2-1 business mentoring sessions were offered, to stretch over a 4-month period to allow monitoring for growth and effective change. These free sessions became an eager subject of conversation at The House, with a collective agreement that they had proven exceptionally helpful reaping a number of positive results. Many registered the fact that their experience had enhanced the way they feel about, and handle, their own businesses. To this day, the mentor is still in contact, and positively affecting the fortunes of many housemate’s future.

Education for creatives

By the end of the first year of existence, housemates were offered the chance to attend up to thirty business-related meetings or lightning talks, which were attended by over 400 creative’s. Subjects included the machinations of WordPress, various types of Social Media and given valuable insights in to the tools and skills to nurture increased revenue and profit. Talks were also attended by housemates clients and associates, including designers, architects, marketers and those seeking to improve their knowledge of the internet in the shape of SEO and maximizing advertising opportunities.

Surrounding yourself with art

The House has also hosted the impressive works of local artists, some of which adorn the walls of each landing. Some pieces have been purchased in-house, or by visitors, while a specific piece was by result of a personal commission. Artists are also regular visitors to The House, including the highly regarded local man, Chris Burke, while further profits have been raised by the sale of a home-made collection of greetings cards.


In line with the common thread of creativity, a book has been written, almost in its entirety, at The House; a light-hearted look at boys growing up, finding their football team and music, while the two collude to wreck all of their early relationships. Its title represents a nod to both this particular lads own football predilection, Tottenham Hotspur F.C., and the collective nonsense talked about the game by people who should know better. A Cock & Ball Story is currently in the publishing process. Also, collectively, a plethora of articles have emanating from The House have been published; one finding its way on to the front page of Martial Arts Illustrated.