Have Space?

If you are an owner or leaseholder on a property with unused or under-utilised space, working with Deskrenter could offer you the potential to generate income with minimal hassle.

We have been creating and operating co-working offices for small business, start-ups and freelancers since 2012 and are currently operating a number of buildings in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge ranging from just 6 desks places upwards.

We are significantly different from traditional serviced office companies, delivering a more agile offering specifically designed to match the needs of modern businesses and freelancers that utilise cloud services and apps to pare down their service costs whilst upping their mobility.

Across the two towns we now operate 176 desk spaces and during the last three years have successfully delivered projects with both Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge & Malling Borough Councils, during which we have developed strong relationships with their Economic Development teams. We also work with Locate in Kent, The West Kent Partnership and the Kent Coworking Collective who offer access to local and central government support and funding to our tenants.

How it works
When we take on a space we look at its design and layout and if required refit and refurnish. Desks / spaces are marketed and rented out to either freelancers, partnerships or small companies.

A deposit is taken from the tenant (to be used in lieu of fees or for loss/damages) as well as the fee payment in advance. From then on DeskRenter receives and accounts for monthly rental payments.

Once third party costs (cleaners, WiFi, waste removal etc) are accounted for we pay a proportion of rental income from each occupied desk to the Landlord, retaining a lesser proportion for our service.

We ask for a minimum set up period, which will depend on our initial investment in the space and the market at time of launch, which can reduce to as little as 90 days going forward if required.

If at any point you need the space back for your own business, simply give us notice and we arrange for the individuals affected to be relocated to our other spaces.

Not every property will be suitable for coworking but if you have spare capacity, why not get in touch and explore the options?

Enquire Now

We understand that choosing the right work space is an important decision. At any given time we may have multiple spaces available at a number of our locations and we’re happy to discuss your specific requirements to see which might suit you best.

Call, email or just complete the enquiry form and we will call back and arrange a look-round: