Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1PX

Overlooking the library, museum and Town Hall this Victorian building is arguably our most central property in Tunbridge Wells. The 1st and 2nd floor spaces sit very comfortably above Starbucks and are sandwiched between Cote Brasserie and Nat West bank. The properties’ rear windows overlook the beautiful gardens of The Priory and Trinity Theatre. Each floor has a separate office area / meeting room with floor to ceiling glass walls, allowing plenty of natural light to fill every space.

#85 facilities:

  • 20 desk spaces
  • 2 Meeting rooms / separate Offices
  • A fitted and fully equipped kitchen on each floor
  • High speed Business Internet

Fee includes:

  • Desk, chair and pedestal
  • Use of the shared facilities
  • Utilities and service charges
  • Weekly cleaning
  • 24/7 access
  • Meeting room drop in use
  • High-Speed Business Internet
  • Optional VoIP telephone connection

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Pricing (Per Month)

Private Office

£225 per desk

Shared Office Space

£225 per desk

Meeting Room (Booked)

£20 per Hour


“This has been my first experience of working in a building dedicated to co-working and I am absolutely loving it! Within my first week, I discovered an old friend from college sharing adjoining offices and it has been fascinating to meet new faces and learn about other industries. Long may it last.”

Lucy Rowe – Garden Design

“I love co-working for the ease and comfort of it all. I tend to find like-minded people in co-working situations and it’s far more interesting than when working in a corporate office for one employer. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s interesting and extremely cost effective.”

Helen Richmond – Publisher

“I find the co-working experience ideal for my needs and split my time between home and the office, where I work remotely from the rest of my company. Apart from the great camaraderie of sharing a workspace, it has proven extremely beneficial for business, too. In fact, I have now worked together, successfully, with one of our housemates for the past two years. I wouldn’t have made these special connections by working entirely at home.”

John Lynch – Software

“As a writer, working at home can be a lonely experience, especially after having enjoyed a City career surrounded by the buzz and energy generated by a London trading room. In essence, moving in to a shared co-working space has one, given me renewed energy and ideas, and two, re-introduced me to an ever-changing business world that had advanced beyond belief.”

Keith Palmer – writer

“We are only an office of two partners, although on the look-out to expand in the immediate future. Sharing an office with other like-minded individuals and businesses has proved a Godsend, the connection we have made with fun and helpful people imperative to a happy working environment. The great atmosphere and ability to make fresh contacts is something that we would both highly recommend to others in a similar position.”

John Frear – Software

“As someone who has worked at home for a decade, I’d grown accustomed to the loneliness and distractions of trying to complete a day’s work under those circumstances. After joining The House, in Tunbridge Wells, my eyes were suddenly awoken by the many benefits and pleasures of a shared working space.”

Olli Ashford – Tech Consultant

Floor Plan

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