Covid & Coworking

As our members will know we managed to keep our offices open throughout lockdown to allow those unable to run their businesses from home to continue to operate. In order to minimise risks to all we upgraded to anti-viral cleaning products and increased cleaning, we installed hand sanitisers at every entrance, created one way systems in shared areas were possible and added signage to remind everyone of the guidelines.


We have since continually reviewed the situation and made changes as required including keeping inside the Governments guidelines for workplaces. During these reviews we have adjusted the number and layout of desks in each shared space to enable distanced working so no offices have people working facing within 2 meters of each other.


Changes to the sharing of desks has meant we have had to suspend hot desking and the hiring out of meeting room across all our locations. We also ask that members don’t bring visitors into the properties unless they are accompanied at all times and agree in advance to follow our Covid guidelines.


We will continue to work with all of our members as we move forward to keep our offices open and safe.